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1525 Model Cnc Router With 3d Rotary Attachment

This is a double heads cnc router, it can engrave double pieces wood at the same time,also can engrave 3d column wood with Max 30cm diameter

Product Details


Wooden door and furniture decoration industry: solid wood and wood composite door, cabinet door, large area plank plane engraving, board type furniture engraving, solid wood art mural engraving and used for board type furniture and all kinds of nonmetal products of engraving, cutting.

Performance Features

1. Strong software compatibility: international instruction format, type3 /Actcam/ Castmate/ UG/Proe/wen tai and other CAD/CAM design software.

2. Advanced control system: DSP offline control system, easy and convenient operation, no computer is needed while working. NC Studio optional.

3. HIWIN linear square guide rail: on all 3 axes, fast speed with good quality.

4. Helical rack and pinion transmission: faster speed and higher precision than ordinary rack and pinion.

5. Two 3KW water-cooled head: for door, bed, furniture carving, milling, drilling and cutting, double efficiency, low noise, larger power optional.

6. Welded by thick seamless square steel tube: robust, steady, stable and long service lifetime.

7. Stepper motors and drivers: high torque, well matched. Servo motors and drivers optional.

Machine features 

1.The distance between heads can be adjusted according to the working pieces being processed.

2.equipped with 2 or 3 heads; the machine one time can complete the works done by several machines, to save cost and improve the working efficiency. is possible to start any one of the heads only.

4.spindle power is selected according to customer's requirements.

5.rotary attachment is optional, which enable the machine to engrave on column work pieces like table leg

6.especially firm structure and special design on details make the machine to achieve the best performance results.




X,Y working area


Z working area


Max. speed


Working Speed


Resolution/ work delicacy


Repositioning Accuracy



G code*.u00*.mmg* plt

Surroundings for software


Control system

DSP control system

Power(spindle power isn't included)

1 KW

Working voltage

AC380V 50Hz

Spindle power (domestic made)

Double 3.0kw air cooling spindle 

Spindle rotating speed



Stepper motor


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