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Aluminum Copper Iron Metal Die Engraving Machine

Mini cnc router 3030 or 6060 model, for soft metal, acrylic, wood, plywood, etc engraving and cutting job, lower price but with better job.

Product Details

Our machine:                                                                                                                                         


Optional parts:                                                                                                                                      

1. Air cooled type spindle (China brand or Italian brand)

2. Bigger or smaller power spindles (6kw or 3kw)

3. High-grade cooling system (chiller, it has alarming system)

4. double-head or more heads

5. servo motors (China brand or Japan brand)

6. Auto tool change system (this system need other systems accordingly, like LNC control system, servo motors etc)

7. Weihong DSP Control system ,NK105 Model or Mach 3

8. other customerized features.

Functional Characteristics:                                                                                                          

1)Imported ballscrew from Germany and imported linear square orbit.

2) Performance in continuing engraving after point and blade breaks. 3) Special saving mode of different points. 4) The cutting with large power spindle does not only increase the fineness of engraving    but also cut into 2 cm freely. 5) It is mainly used for the architecture mould,identity industy,school, enterprise and government.


Apply to industry and materialsIt is widely used in processing metal (aluminum, brass, stainless steel), wood, acrylic, dual color board, plastic, stone, glass as well as many other  nonmetal materials, and can do perfect 2D/3D carving or cutting.


Working area300*300*80mm
X,Y,Z Traveling positioning accuracy±0.03/300mm
X,Y,Z Reposition accuracy±0.02mm
Z axis

Ball Screw

Drive motorsStepper system
Table Aluminum 
inverterFuling inverter
Working voltage220v  50HZ/60HZ
Spindle revolving speed6000-24000rpm
Command languageG-Code
Operating systemNC studio
Flash memory128M(U Disk)
ColletER11(3.175/4/6mm. Optional )
X,Y Resolution<0.02mm
Software compatilibyType3/Artcam/Artcut/Ucancam/JDpaint etc software
Computer interfaceUSB
Relative humidity 30%-75%
Running environment temperature 0-45 centigrade


Sample photos:                                                                                                                                  

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