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2030 Big Size MDF Plywood Cnc Cutting Machine

2030 big size MDF plywood cnc cutting machine

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Product Details

Features & Application

1.The whole welding, deformation is not strong, the vibration aging treatment..
2.Y axis adopts double motor drive, select matching, to ensure smooth movement
3.Aluminum shape decoration, beautiful shape, so that whole Seiko gorgeous.
4.The famous water-cooled frequency conversion brushless spindle, cutting force, can ensure the long time mass processing.
5.The application of high performance subdivision drive to ensure that the machine speed, high precision.
6.Excellent mechanical and electrical design, selection of all kinds of electrical accessories, to minimize 

the failure rate.
7.Memory, a power outage continued carving, processing time prediction function, ensure processing in 

case of accident or the next day.
8.Strong compatibility, compatible with TYPE3/Art CAM/ Wentai and other CAD/CAM design software.



The woodworking machine is used in the woodwork, advertising, seal, craft and gift, art mold,mold 

industries, etc. It is also used in the furniture, furniture decoration, woodworking decoration,musical 

instrument, wooden handicraft fields, etc. The machine can be used with wood, acrylic, doublecolor 

board, PVC, EVA,ABS board, stone, imitation stone, metal, aluminum mold etc.     

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Packing & Service

stadard export plywood packing , stronger and safe!


1. Service before sale: our salesman will try to know more about your demands ,  including the max working size, main processing materials and the thickness , so we will offer you suit machine


2.Service during production : we will update the machine production schedule for you!


3.Service before shipping : we must debugging the macine can work well then send the test video according to customer’s processing materials for customer confirmations


4.Service after shipping : we will check when the machine arrive your sea port or the approximate arrival date, so that the customer can know the arrival date and to prepare to pick the machine up. we also will send the customs clearance documents to you 


5.Service of teaching : the English manual and operating video will be sent to customers with the machine together, it will help customer how to operate the machine , it there is any question about the operation , we will have the professional technician to help them how to operate by online ,until the customer can use it freely


6.Service of warranty : we guarantee the machine for 2years, some machine parts ( quality problems ) can be free charge to replace it within warranty.


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