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Automatic Changing Cutters ATC Cnc Router

Auto loading unloading table with ATC function cnc router, it can be professional for cabinets and doors producing

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1. Heavy duty frame and gantry 8-10 mm thicknes steel

2. German EOT-3 Oscillating Knife can process the soft material

3. Carousel tool changer with 8pcs tool storage ,quick tool changer

4. Automatic oil mist cooling sprayer

Machine photos

自动上下1_副本.jpg自动上下2_副本.jpgauto feeding table ATC(1).jpg


Auto tool changer cnc router machine is suitable for wood,MDF,plywood etc engraving ,cutting 

and milling.It is also suitable for stone ,marble ,soft metal etc.many kinds of materials processing . It is used

for Wooden door and furniture decoration industry; Wooden crafts processing; Instrument industry and 

many other industries.

- Cabinets and furniture
- Construction and carpentry
- 2D & 3D sign making and carvings
- Musical instruments
- Plastics and foam
- Prototyping and 3D modeling
- Solid surface work
- Exhibits and scene/prop shops
- Architectural millwork
- Aluminum and brass machining


Modlezk-1325 model
Working area1300*2500*200mm (can be customized)
Working Voltage380V, 3PHASE, 50HZ (can be customized)
Control SystemTaiwan SYNTEC 6MB control system
Control box1.8m high control box
Spindle9kw Italy HSD Air cooling spindle
Spindle speed12000-24000RPM/MIN
Tool magazineCarousel type +12pcs ISO30 tool holders (Linear type for optional)
Motor and Driver850w Japan YASKAWA servo motors and drivers
Inverter11kw Taiwan DELTA inverter VFD-B
StructureNew type thicker and bigger heavy duty welded frame and gantry
Table surfaceT-slot and Vacuum Working Table with 6 Zones
Gantry structureGantry Moving
Lubrication systemAutomatic lubrication system
CalibrationAutomatic tool sensor calibration
Mist cooling sprayerAutomaitc oil mist cooling sprayer

X,Y Axis: Helical rack, Taiwan Hiwin Rail Linear Bearing with dust hood protection for Y axis.

Z Axis: Taiwan HiwinLinear Bearing & Taiwan TBI Ball Screw

Vacuum pump

7.5KW water vacuum pump one piece

Command languageG Code
ColorAccording to your reference

can process the aluminum, copper soft metal, and so on

Sample photos

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