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ZHONGKE 1325 Model 3d Cnc Router

1325 MODEL CNC ROUTER with vacuum table, can be used for engraving or cutting MDF board, wood, PVC board, acrylic , etc

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Product Details



  • With 1300mm* 2500mm engraving range;

  • With whole casting iron frame, to ensure the structure stability, low inertia and no distortion;

  • HIWIN linear guide and sliding block, Germany made dual screw-nut anti-gap rod, with high accuracy, low noise, and long life;

  • Equipped with high-speed spindle motor, high-performance division drive to ensure the long time and stable working;

  • Adopted with advanced controlled system, with simple operating software, it’s easy to learn; And the operator can check the real-time trajectory, plus or minus Z-axis depth in real-time, and adjust the motor speed conveniently;

  • Powerful compatibility for most of software such as: type3, Artcam, Proe, Wentai a variety of CAD / CAM;

  • Humanized design, convenient for removing and installing;

  • Can meet not only the high sensitivity, high accuracy, high speed small sculpture, but also can adapt to large acrylic cutting, three-dimensional billboard production, wood carving.




    Platform Size (mm)1380mm* 2900mm
    Engraving range (mm)1300mm* 2500mm
    Structure optionsSteel/ T-shape steel struture
    Platform materialAluminum/ Thickened aluminum optional
    Table fixed typeT-clip/ Vacuum absorption optional
    X Axis structure20mm linear square guide rail of HIWIN & Slanting gear rack
    Y Axis structure20mm linear square guide rail of HIWIN & Slanting gear rack
    Z Axis structure25mm dual screw-nut anti-gap rod
    Z axis traveling height(mm)200mm
    Working Voltage220V 50Hz
    Spindle power (KW)1.8/ 2.2/ 3.0/ 4.5/ 5.5KW optional
    Spindle speed0-24000 (r/ min)
    Max Speed without material0-20000 mm/ min
    Max working speed0-15000 mm/ min
    X Axis Drive motorSteping moter / Servo motor, optional
    Y Axis Drive motorSteping moter / Servo motor, optional
    Z Axis Drive motorSteping moter / Servo motor, optional
    Resolution0.00625/ pluse
    Diameter of cutting tools (mm)3.175/ 4.0/ 6.0/ 8.0/ 10.0/ 12.7mm optional
    ATCYes/ No, optinal
    Control system optionWeiHong Motion Control System of Shanghai
    Code formatsG code, U00, mmg, nc
    Cooling system Water cooling/ Air cooling, optional
    Sample photos

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