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ZHONGKE 1325 Model Wood CNC Router Machine

This machine is mainly used in wood processing, crystal, copper, aluminum, etc.. Make it more beautiful and valuable. Woodworking engraving machine of various types, many brands, which led to uneven prices. Style according to customer demand and custom-made. Is applicable to the wood industry, advertising signs, furniture, toys and gifts manufacturing, decoration industry, PCB etc..

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Product Details


  • Welded steel bed structure , when working its more stable.

  •  Alumiun T-slot table, fixing the materiales by clamps

  • Air cooling spindle, can opstional with water cooling spindle

  • TaiWan high precision HIWIN square liner guide rail, improving working accuracy.

  • X Y transmissiom by helical rack

  • Servo motor and DSP control system is optional

cnc router.jpg

cnc router detail.jpg

Applied area:

1.Furniture decoration industry: large area plate plane carving, wood carving and board type furniture carving. Solid wood art mural, solid wood door, cabinet door sculpture.


2.Wood products processing: sewing machine desktop, electrical counter desktop, sports supplies equipment.


3.Instrument industry: 3d curved surface, shape cutting.

cnc router sample.jpg

cnc router sample1.jpg

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