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ZK-1325 Model Woodworking Door Cnc Router

with vacuum table and 5.5KW vacuum pump, 3.2KW water cooling spindle, DSP control system, stepper motor and driver, exporting plywood package

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Product Details

Technology Parameter

working area 1300*2500*200mm
drivers& motorsstepper motor and driver
machine table vacuum table with PVC, 5.5KW vacuum pump
spindle motors3.2KW water cooled spindle
X Y Z travelling repositioning Accuracy±0.05mm
X Y Z travelling Posioning Accuracy 0.05/300mm
X Y strutureHelical rack and pinion drive,Taiwan Hiwin square rail linear bearing 20mm
Z axis StructureBallscrew from german and taiwan Hiwin square linear rail 20mm 
Working Voltage380V  50HZ/60HZ
control system NC Studio control 

Scope of application 

 Widely used instone,marble, glass,furniture processing,upholstery, decorative woodwork, doors,woody handicrafts etc.



The lathe is founded by high-quality steel that ensures the high stability ,all the three axises are using imported

straight-quadrate rails.

Y axis uses double-motor in-phase drive that ensure the machine equality and smoothly running.

Using high accurate pinion and rack transmission. The highest speed is 20m/min. It can clearly engrave the 1mm

small word.

Spindle adopts 3.0KW water-cooling motor made in china, which is very powerful and with  little noise .It can work continuely without maintaining.

Intelligent protection for working table that can prevent misuse or software errors from damaging the surface. Its protection of step beyond the boundary avoids crashing while design area beyond processing area.

Advanced industrial controlling system is compatible to many dictate formats that can operate after accident or next day processing so it is very convenient.

Machine photo

1325 新型.jpg

Sample photos:

sampel photo_副本.jpg

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