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Development of small CNC cutting machine

- Aug 07, 2017 -

With the rapid development of mechatronics technology, CNC cutting machine is very popular, especially the large business owners, and then with the development of CNC cutting machine CNC technology in the field of machine tool control has been more and more widely used. In recent years, suitable for the X-y plane small size metal plate cutting small CNC cutting machine with its small size, easy to use, with a very strong cost-effective competitive advantage by the user's favorite, the market prospects. However, the existing systems are all imported systems, domestic research and development in this area is very little, so research and development of independent intellectual property rights of the small-scale cutting machine control system has important research value and broad market prospects.

Here is a prototype of the production of spare parts, a brief description of the NC cutting production of the whole process of work, technical requirements and characteristics, and then compared with the existing large-scale CNC cutting machine function, technical requirements and take into account the small NC cutter low input requirements, "cut" out of the small CNC cutting machine function requirements and technical parameters, on this basis, made a general design.

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