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How to maintain the NC cutting machine in summer

- Aug 07, 2017 -

The high temperature in summer is also the consumption of CNC cutting machine is huge, but CNC flame cutting machine In the process of use, must pay attention to the maintenance and care of CNC cutting machine. Therefore, in the use of CNC cutting machine equipment maintenance and care, in order to ensure the accuracy of cutting equipment, but also to allow the use of equipment to help.

1, as far as possible to maintain indoor ventilation, preferably with the reduction of temperature equipment, such as fans, so as to prevent workers because of long-term high-temperature cutting work heat stroke, the configuration of some heat-resistant drugs;

2, the cylinder as far as possible from the cutting site, the temperature is too high, the trachea, gas bottles are dangerous;

3, fire-proof equipment, after the steel plate cutting, do not rush to touch with the hand, because the steel plate through the high-temperature cutting, waste heat temperature is very high, then touch with the hands, will burn the skin. Be sure not to use the hand or flammable similar steel plate after just cutting, to wait for the steel plate to cool before moving, or use mechanical equipment to move;

4, the cutting process, workers must concentrate on to prevent the sudden occurrence of the cutting mechanism caused damage;

5, the guide rail, the rack to add lubricating oil to reduce friction to produce heat on the components of the material, such as long-term lubrication will damage the guide may lead to cutting precision drop, affect cutting quality;

6, whether flame cutting or plasma cutting, the trachea and power line can not be placed in the guide or cutting platform, to use the bracket to suspend treatment, so that the damage occurred explosion;

7, the work finished, must shut off the source, power, wipe clean cutting machine powder, dust and other stains.

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