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Plasma cutting machine operating procedures

- Nov 23, 2017 -

Cutting operations and staff protection

1. Field use of plasma cutting machine, should be provided with rain, moisture, sun-proof hangar, and should be equipped with the appropriate fire equipment.

2 high-altitude cutting, you must fasten your seat belt, cut and then cut around and below should take fire prevention measures, and should be supervised.

3. When it is necessary to cut compressed containers, sealed containers, drums, pipes, and workpieces with combustible gases and solutions, pressure on containers and pipes should be eliminated to eliminate combustible gases and solutions, and then rinsing is toxic, harmful and flammable Substance; Containers of residual grease should be washed with steam, alkaline water, and open the lid to confirm the container clean, then filled with water before cutting. Hange cutting in the container should be taken to prevent electric shock, poisoning and suffocation measures. Cut the sealed container should be left stomata, if necessary, equipped with ventilation equipment at the inlet and outlet; lighting voltage within the container shall not exceed 12V, welders and the workpiece should be insulated; Do not cut in containers that have been painted with paint or plastic.

4. It is forbidden to cut pressure containers and pipes under pressure, live equipment, stressed parts carrying structures and containers containing flammable and explosive materials.

5. Do not open the sky in the rain and cutting. When working in wet areas, the operator should stand in place with insulation and wear insulated footwear.

6. After work, you should cut off the power, turn off the gas and water.


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