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The development of domestic CNC system to what point

- Aug 07, 2017 -

With the rise and development of CNC cutting machine rapid, large area of cover, and then follow the domestic CNC system also trend of the grinding machine manufacturing field, the domestic CNC system also followed the development.

All kinds of tool grinder is also a domestic and middle-grade CNC cutting machine CNC system promising field. At present, the hair division, Siemens, Mitsubishi and other foreign CNC cutting Machine CNC system has dedicated to the type of grinder or function. However, compared to the production center, CNC lathe, such as the traditional position of CNC system, grinder is still a relatively new field, such as crankshaft grinder, cam grinder, grinding machine tools. Among them, the crankshaft grinder to the servo performance has a relatively high demand, and as far as possible select large inertia servo motor, and thus ensure the consistency and smoothness of the grinding movement, enhance the grinding accuracy and reduce the surface roughness, this point, domestic and high-end system is not very difficult to achieve. For grinding machine tools, because of CNC system and mechanical components are very high, the current whether imported or domestic, machine price is very high.

In fact, the domestic use of CNC cutting machine grinding machine made products, the accuracy of its requirements is not too late. The practice has proved that the servo motor is equipped with 17-bit discriminating rate (131072 pulse/Turn) encoder, which can meet the accuracy requirements of most parts on the rotational axis, and the domestic and high-grade CNC system is completely possible. At the same time, the current domestic grinding machine to make the market potential is infinite, many traditional grinder, including the profile grinder, grinding machine, and so on, because of its low efficiency, are facing the selection of NC conversion. And, according to the practice in recent years, the traditional grinding machine through numerical control of the future, production quality and production efficiency are greatly enhanced, called the green industry is not too.

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