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The first few necessary to buy CNC machine tools

- Aug 07, 2017 -

To buy CNC machine tools before the necessary one, choose the type of CNC machine tools, first of all to determine the needs of the enterprise processing products technical requirements and process specifications, according to the process flow and production line beat the need to determine the type of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools have a variety of types, only select the correct type to enable CNC machine tools to play the best role

Buy CNC machine tools before necessary two, the purchase of CNC equipment manufacturers, the size of the production enterprises, size and technical strength of the high and low quality of the performance of the CNC equipment can be normal work of the event. The choice of unreasonable manufacturers will make the equipment there are many congenital defects and unreasonable place, in the equipment manual and look at the equipment samples, it is impossible to understand that the promoters and manufacturers always choose the advantages of equipment to introduce customers. The key is to pay attention to a problem, Taiwan's CNC Enterprises set up quickly, and also close down fast, and sometimes even the factory has failed to sell equipment still have sales of the phenomenon. If you do not pay attention to these problems, you will see the machine tool in the acceptance of the machine and the warranty period. Manufacturers fail, equipment after normal work, failure can not be repaired, manufacturers simply can not meet the requirements of one-year warranty period. At the same time, such a plant must be a variety of equipment raw materials and maintenance information is not complete, the user's own maintenance will be very difficult. So choose production enterprises as far as possible to choose the higher visibility of the manufacturers.

Buy CNC machine tools must be three, select the famous brand and have a certain well-known brand of equipment, many of Taiwan's production of CNC equipment enterprises, there are a number of certain strength of the CNC equipment manufacturers have their own famous products. For example, a factory production CNC lathe Only one specification is quality products to obtain the title, the rest of the performance of various lathes can not be compared with this kind of CNC lathe. However, in order to improve market share and competitiveness of higher profits, some manufacturers and promoters to use the mainland enterprises on Taiwan's CNC equipment production situation is not very understanding of the weaknesses, to the mainland procurement enterprises have never produced the type of CNC machinery, in this way, the mainland procurement enterprises originally need a well-known brand of CNC machinery, and actually procurement is a counterfeit, that is, the same production enterprise, different specifications of the NC equipment, and this CNC machine tool will often produce many defects in design, It causes many unnecessary and insurmountable disadvantages for mainland users when they are put into production. This is one of the main reasons why many buying devices are not working properly.

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