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1390 Model CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

1390 model laser engraving machine for engraving and cutting acrylic, MDF board, PVC, plastic, plywood, bamboo, glass etc material

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Product Details


Laser engraving and cutting machine is a simple and useful laser processing device that aser has specially been developed for the needs of advertising, gift packaging and other relevant industries. The equipment inherits the characteristics of both the former high-speed laser engraving machine and high-speed laser cutting machine. The device is equipped with the imported dual rails for more stable operation. Its drawer is beneficial for the collection and disposal of waste. The machine can install an up-down platform to make the processing more convenient.

Machine photo

2017-12-01 151230.jpg

Technical parameters



Total power


Operating Humidity e

5%-95% No Condensate

Operating temperature

5-50 degrees Celsius

Laser Type

CO2 Sealed Laser Tube

Laser power

60W, 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W (optional)

Laser working principle

High-voltage discharge excitation of high concentration of CO2 gas to produce a laser with a wavelength of 10.6um

Drive Type

Digital Stepper Motor Subdivision Driver

Working motor

57 Hybrid stepper motor

Engraving area


Work platform

Honeycomb platform, knife aluminum platform (optional)

Workbench adjustment

Electric up and down 50cm

Positioning accuracy


Cooling mode

Forced water circulation

Travel speed


Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Cutting depth

0-10mm (for reference only, depending on the material and power)

Engraving and cutting accuracy


Separation cutting

Up to 256 layers of dicing cuts

Assisted positioning

Red light positioning

Safety protection

Blown flame retardant, water cut protection

Software Name

Ruida Technology RDworksV8

Software support

Corel draw output, Auto CAD output

Software Environment

Windows XP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10

Supports graphic formats

All CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD identifiable formats such as: JPG, BMP, AI, PLT, etc.

Data Transfer

USB2.0, Network Port, Offline U Disk

Power supply

AC220±10% 50HZ/AC110±10% 60Hz

Minimal shaping text


The smallest forming letter


Standard accessories

Forced water circulation pump, electromagnetic air pump, maintenance tools, centrifugal exhaust fan, 4m rubber exhaust pipe

Optional Accessories

CW3000 Water Cooler, CW5000 Refrigerator, Chuck Rotating Platform

Main Features

(1) Transmission system adopting Taiwan HIWIN or PMI rail and Japan ONK belt matchs up 3-phase stepper motor to have faster working speed ,more precise and smoother saction.

(2) Steady chassis:ensure stability and precision during high speed work

(3) The machine is used for engraving and cutting non-metal materials with excellent and stable cutting quality.

(4) The machine owns perfect cooling system and dust removal system, to ensure that it can operate stably, efficiently and durably.

(5)1 year warranty stable cutting quality with comprehensive cutting application.

Sample photos

Aluminum knife table.jpg

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