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1325 Woodworking Machine Engraving Machine Function

- Mar 24, 2018 -

Application item: 

1. Fast and convenient work station loading and unloading

2. Easy and fast software application, convenient and easy to modify files

3. Large-scale plate milling, engraving, cutting, boring and milling, edge milling, cutting edges clean and smooth.

4. This model is suitable for engraving, cutting, sculpting and processing of various types of wood board, plexiglass, PVC, acrylic, and other hard carbon compounds. The

5. Suitable for diversified and complex product processing, widely used, through the addition of modules, can be completed engraving, cutting, saw blade slotting, side milling, inverted edge, etc., mainly used for cutting and boring and milling.

Application scope: 

Mainly used for various advertising crystal characters, LED/neon trough type, hole type, plastic light box mould, handicraft, seal, signboard,

Badges, department cards, building models, rulers, small metals, wooden molds, stone lettering, furniture production, etc., as well as relief and other processing and production.

Performance characteristics: 

1. Integral casting of the fuselage, strong deformation, good rigidity, high precision, reliable performance and durability.

2. Imported high-precision ball screw, smooth movement, to ensure the high precision of the machine.

3. Aluminum profile decoration.

4. Water-cooled inverter brushless high-power motor, low noise, large cutting force, can ensure long-term large-volume processing.

5. Good three-axis dust-proof structure design ensures long service life of the equipment.

6. The application of high-performance subdivision drivers ensures that the machine tool is fast and accurate.

7. Electromechanical excellent design, selection of various electrical accessories, the failure rate to a minimum.

8. With power off memory, power off continued carving, processing time prediction and other functions.

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