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Characteristic And Characteristic Design Of NC Cutting Machine

- Aug 07, 2017 -

A: Feature CNC cutting machine operating system is easy to use, graphics cutting code can also be automatically changed, Chinese, to join. Large beam beams increase the life span of the service. Linear guide, High-precision gear rack, excellent stepper motor (servo motor) to improve the accuracy of equipment production. The addition of industrial control computer makes the system software upgrade very convenient. The design of the bilateral synchronous sales driving system enables the NC cutter to use the lighter beam, without any influence on the precision of the cutting of the NC cutting machine and the steady of the equipment.

B: Feature Design

(1) The mechanical design of low guide rails designed to enhance the strength and production capacity reduces the chance of mechanical damage by unloading the plates from cranes or forklifts while enhancing the precision and steady-grained equipment. Low-guideway design is also helpful to enhance the operator's working efficiency, speed up the loading and unloading speed, reduce the hidden security anxiety.

(2) The bilateral drive system servo system and the planetary gearbox designed to enhance the precision provide full torque and position discrimination for fast operation, thus guaranteeing the accuracy of the machine operation. The high accuracy and minimum mechanical spacing provided by the Sen-ang NC Drive System is an effective guarantee for achieving high-precision fabrication. At the same time the bilateral gear rack drive system guarantees the high speed in the stable operation condition, and the high positioning precision of the torch.

(3), Multi-function cutting torch center CNC cutting machine equipped with a gear rack driven by the main cutting torch, equipped with cutting torch landing device. According to user requirements in the main cutting torch at the same time the installation of plasma cutting torch and flame cutting torch. According to user needs, but also on the beam to add 3 from the dynamic cutting torch and after a stainless steel strip and the main cutting torch together to make a mirror-like movement.

From the dynamic cutting torch can be adjusted by manual interval and clamping, in the main cutting torch under the pull of simultaneous sales of multiple cutting torch production. A number of cutting torch can be gas cutting, such as any combination of ion cutting. Each torch mounted on the beam is linked to the console using a separate low maintenance tank. Each cutting torch installed a basic 230 mm stroke of the torch landing device, can also be based on the needs of a tool to increase landing gear.

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