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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine For Metal And Non-Metal Material

- Mar 17, 2018 -

The main customer's practical model.

User friendly interface, easy to master operation.

Parallel beam design reduces path deviation, high performance, and easy adjustment.

Aluminum alloy blade table ensures high quality cutting.

Digital offline control system, USB is available, RD and Lettro are replaced.

Optional red light positioning system and water cooler can improve work performance.


This machine is suitable for metal and non-metal materials.

Suitable for a variety of non-metallic materials, such as horns, red plastic, wood, plexiglass and so on. Various shapes such as square, round, oval, rod, diamond, triangle, seal, etc.

2. Applicable to the processing of small arts and crafts. It can be used to sculpt various graphics and texts on materials such as two-color plates, wood, crystal, bamboo, plexiglass, cloth and leather.

3. It is possible to engrave badges, logos, models and dates on electronic components.

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