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Cutting Operation Of Plasma Cutting Machine And Protection Of Personnel

- Aug 07, 2017 -

1. On-site plasma cutting machine, should be equipped with rain-proof, moisture-proof, sun-proof machine shed, and should be equipped with the corresponding fire equipment.

2. High-altitude cutting, must fasten the safety belt, cut and cut around and below the cutting should take fire precautions, and should be supervised.

3. When a pressure vessel, a sealed container, an oil barrel, a pipe, a workpiece stained with combustible gas and a solution are to be cut, the pressure of the vessel and the pipe should be removed. Eliminate flammable gases and solutions, and then rinse poisonous, harmful, flammable substances; for the container containing residual grease, it should be rinsed with steam and alkali water first, and open the lid, make sure the container is cleaned, then fill with clear water before cutting. The measures of preventing electric shock, poisoning and suffocation should be taken in the container welding and cutting. Cut the sealed container should leave the vent, when necessary in the inlet, vent place equipment ventilation equipment; the lighting voltage in the container shall not exceed 12V, the welder and the workpiece shall be insulated; Cutting in containers that have been sprayed with paints and plastics is strictly prohibited.

4. Pressure vessels and piping, live equipment, bearing structure of the force of the site and equipped with flammable, explosive items of the container is strictly prohibited to cut.

5. A rainy day may not be cut in the open air. When working in a damp zone, the operator shall stand at the place where the insulating material is laid and wear insulating shoes.

6. After the operation, the power should be cut off, the gas source and water.

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