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Factory Supply (QL-1325) Plasma Cutting Machine

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Plasma cutting machine Feature:                    

1. Fast cutting speed and high precision. The cutting port is small, neat and without dregs. Based on the traditional numerical control system, the cutting control method was improved and the secondary dressing processing was avoided.

2. High configuration, fast cutting speed, high precision

3. Thickened square pipe welding structure, with Taiwan imported rails to ensure the stability and accuracy of operation

4. Professional design cutting metal materials, such as carbon steel, steel plate, metal and so on.

5. The frame adopts all-welded structure, strong and reasonable, easy to operate and durable.

6. Suitable for low carbon steel plate, copper plate, iron plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate, titanium plate and other metal plates.

7. Start-up control system is easy to use and user-friendly (optional: U.S. plasma power supply

8. Powerful plasma nozzle makes it easy to cut material

9. The numerical control system is configured high. Automatic arc ignition, stable performance, and the arc striking success rate is over 99%.

10. Sawtooth meter enhances stability during machine operation

Plasma cutting machine

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