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How To Identify The Types Of Cutters

- Jun 02, 2018 -

The identification, use and establishment of engraving machine knives are commonly divided into four types: flat bottomed sharp knife, straight knife (column knife), milling cutter and three dimensional special-shaped knife.

The establishment of the carving tool is accomplished by clicking either of the three options of "2D" "3D" "cut" in Venter's carving software into the tool library; the "central sharp knife" in the tool library is a very ideal tool, and in general, it is not used to calculate the tool path.

1. flat bottom sharp knife

W1: represents the diameter of the tool handle, and the diameter of the tool shank is usually 3.175, 4, 6, and 2.

It is set according to the need.

W2: it indicates the width of the tool tip, which directly affects the carving effect. It should be as accurate as possible when setting up.

A: half of the angle of the two sides of the tip of the knife. If the tool is 30 degree, A is set to 15, and so on.

Engraving materials: double color board, PVC board, plexiglass, ABS board, etc.

Cutting material: double color plate, ABS board.

With the principle of knife: with the knife of W2 or A small point when carving small words, when the big word is used as far as possible with a knife to improve the processing speed; the choice of cutting tool with the narrowest stroke is accurate; if necessary, in the premise of not affecting the effect of the font, it can be used to edit and modify the strokes to help them.

Big knife path; carving chest card commonly used 30 degree cutting tool; if the word is too small, can be replaced by a single line, then use "cut" to calculate the path.

2. straight knife (column knife)

W1: the width of the front end of the cutting tool, the common width is 2MM, 1.5MM, the general setting is slightly smaller, because its front end is convenient for cutting, grinding out one side blade, so the actual width is slightly smaller.

H1: cutting edge length, cutting material height should be lower than the blade length, general H1 set to 5MM or so.

Engraving materials: double color board, PVC board, plexiglass, ABS board, etc.

Cutting material: double color plate, ABS board.

Therefore, most of the cutting tools are used for carving big words on department cards, so they are also known as "department licensing" knives, but the carving effect is slightly inferior to that of flat bottomed knives with the same width. It cut the edge of the material is straight edge, and the flat bottom cutting edge of the cutting material has a sloping edge, the degree of inclination depends on the angle of the tool, the angle is large, the edge of the slope is larger.

3. milling cutter

W1: the width of the front end of the cutter is 3.175, 4, 6. If the cutting material is less than 10MM, the cutting character of the cutter is deformed when the cutter is used, and the handle of the handle from 3.175 to the front is 2 or 1.5.

H1: the length of the blade, the thickness of the cutting material should be lower than the length of the blade, and the general H1 is divided into several kinds (more than the cutting material, 2mm and convenient chip removal) according to the thickness of the material.

12mm: cut 10MM and the following materials

17mm: cut 15MM material

22mm: cut 20MM material (PVC multipurpose 3.175; acrylic 4)

Engraving materials: PVC panels, plexiglass, wood planks, etc.

Cutting materials: PVC board, plexiglass, plank, etc.

Knife principle: it is not recommended to use 22mm cutting tools to cut 10MM and the following material, which may lead to cutting the knife; when no 22mm tool and 20MM material are cut, 17mm cutter can be used temporarily by layered cutting.

4. three dimensional special-shaped knife

Because this kind of cutting tool is different from all kinds of carving tools that we commonly use an alloy handle material to directly repair work, but in the special welding process under the handle of 6 blade, the cutter head is welded in various shapes. It is directly used for various special shapes, so it is also called big head knife.

W1: the diameter of the head knife under the hilt is randomly matched to 32mm, and smaller is used for cutting small three-dimensional characters.

A: half of the angle of the two sides of the tip of the knife. The A is set to 45 (similar to the flat tip knife) because of the 90 degree cutter fitted at random.

W2: tool tip width, because the specific path of the three-dimensional path, the path request is passed by a knife, it has no significance, usually set 0.1 or 0.2.

Tool uses: three dimensional clear corner characters (using the "3D" function to calculate the path) and the back carving of crystal cards.

5. Other tools are used for milling the bottom of the milling table: the relief tools used for relief, and various types of wooden lace.


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