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How To Maintain The Parts For Cnc Router

- May 11, 2018 -

1. Prepare before the start:

1.1 check the power supply and clean the work table.

1.2 connect the power supply.

1.3 observe whether the engraving machine runs normally.

1.4 according to the actual situation of the work, the carving machine is used for the belt. The knife above 1/4 is usually 5000 / min to 6000 rpm; the knife of 0.5mm to 3mm is usually 8000 / min to 10000 rpm.

Two. Operation process:

2.1 the workpiece to be processed is placed on the left worktable, the relative workpiece mold is placed on the right worktable, the alignment is corrected and the clamp iron is fastened.

2.2 when processing according to the technological requirements, the two hands hold the engraving machine rocker arm, and rely on the needle to rely on the rubber mold to process slowly.

2.3 when processing is finished, check whether the parts processed meet the technological requirements, and then release the iron from the clamp iron to get the workpiece.

3. Note:

3.1 no gloves should be worn during operation so as not to be injured by the carving of knives and belts.

3.2 wear protective glasses when you operate, so as to prevent iron feces from flying into your eyes and love them.

Three, turn off the machine:

4.1 turn off the power.

4.2 clean machine tools and surrounding hygiene.

4.3 the lubricating oil is added to the sliding part.

5 maintenance:

5.1 check the power, wire, switch is reliable.

5.2 every day must check whether the machine moving parts and the fixed screws are solid and reliable.

5.3 the lubricating oil is often added to the sliding parts of the machine.

5.4 check if there is any abnormal noise when the machine is working. If abnormal conditions are found, the maintenance technician should be notified in time for repair and repair record.

5.5 clean the machine tools and environmental hygiene every day.

5.6 conduct a comprehensive inspection and clearance every three months, and make corresponding records.

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