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Key Parameters Of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

- Sep 25, 2017 -

First, the width of the incision: it is to assess the cutting machine cutting quality of one of the most important eigenvalue, but also reflects the cutting machine can cut the minimum radius of the radius. It is the widest width of the incision to measure, most of the plasma cutting machine incision width between 0.15 ~ 6mm. If the incision width inappropriate will affect the impact: 1, too wide incision will not only waste material, will reduce the cutting speed and increase energy consumption. 2, the incision width is mainly related to the nozzle aperture, in general, the incision width is always larger than the nozzle aperture 10% to 40%. 3, when the cutting thickness increases, often need to use a larger nozzle aperture, incision will also be widened. 4, the incision width increases, will cut the deformation of the increase.


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