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Operating Procedures For Plasma Cutting Machines

- Aug 07, 2017 -

1. Should check and confirm the power supply, gas source, water source without leakage, leakage, leakage, grounding or zero safe and reliable.

2. The car, the workpiece should be placed in the appropriate position, and should make the workpiece and cutting circuit positive, the cutting face should be equipped with slag pits.

3. The nozzle aperture should be selected according to the material, type and thickness of the workpiece, and the internal shrinkage of the cutting power, gas flow and electrode shall be adjusted.

4. Automatic cutting car should be run by empty cars, and selected cutting speed.

5. Operators must wear protective masks, welding gloves, hats, filter dust masks and soundproof ear enclosures. Do not wear protective mirror of the personnel is strictly prohibited to directly observe the plasma arc, naked skin is strictly prohibited near the plasma arc.

6. When cutting, operators should stand at the upper edge of the operation. Can be from the lower part of the table ventilation, and should reduce the operating table open area.

7. At the time of cutting, when the air load voltage is too high, should check the electrical grounding, zero and cutting torch hand insulation, the workbench should be insulated with the ground, or in the electrical control system installed no-load circuit breaker.

8. High frequency generator should be equipped with shielding shield, with High-frequency arc, should immediately cut off high-frequency circuit.

9. The use of thorium and tungsten electrodes shall conform to the provisions of article 12th. 7.8 of jgj33-2001.

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