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Plasma Cutting Machine Maintenance Details

- Nov 23, 2017 -

1. Assemble the torch correctly

Correctly and carefully install the torch to ensure that all parts fit well to ensure that the gas and cooling air circulation. Installation Place all parts on a clean cloth to prevent dirt from sticking to parts. O-ring in the appropriate lubricant, to O-ring brightening prevail, not to be added.

2. Consumables in the complete damage to the timely replacement

Consumable parts should not be replaced after they have been completely damaged because severely worn electrodes, nozzles and vortex rings will produce uncontrolled plasma arcs that can easily cause serious damage to the torch. So when the quality of the first cut found to decline, it should promptly check the consumables.

3. Clean the torch's connection thread

In the replacement of consumables or daily maintenance inspection, be sure to ensure that the torch, the external thread clean, if necessary, should be cleaned or repair the connection thread.

4. Clean the electrode and nozzle contact surface

In many torches, the contact surface between the nozzle and the electrode is a charged contact surface. If these contact surfaces are dirty, the torch does not function properly and should be cleaned with a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning agent.


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