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Several Ways Of NC Cutting Machine

- Aug 07, 2017 -

Traditional cutting mode: is in the CNC system read into the DXF spare parts or misuse of CNC system spare parts storehouse, using manual or Matrix method of nesting and programming, and then in the NC cutting machine for local cutting. Manual and local cutting is usually the result of the steel plate in the middle left a large number of irregular residue, there is no way to further the nesting and cutting, resulting in a large number of residual steel production and waste of steel.

High set rate cutting mode: Fastcam companies to promote and disseminate high rate of cutting production patterns. The use of Fastcam package material software, the whole plate sets of material, the rest of the plate and the whole plate cutting and cutting, effective to avoid the production of steel sheet residue and waste, so that the residual steel plate to obtain full re-use.

In short, in the CNC cutting machine hardware structure and function of the general agreement or similar conditions, can be completely through the software technology, especially Fastcam set material software and Fastcam CNC system to further enhance the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of CNC cutting machine, to achieve full time cutting, automatic cutting, efficient cutting, high quality cutting and high set rate cutting, effectively saving steel supplies.

Automatic cutting: Traditional cutting mode: Relying on cutting experience, through hand and eye close cooperation, manual operation to control the whole process of CNC cutting preheating, perforation, air movement speed, normal cutting speed and corner plus deceleration. Real problems: Enterprises do not have the means to ensure that all cutting workers have a wealth of cutting experience and the most OK operation skills, there is no way to ensure that the work of the various cutting workers position and body conditions have been in the best or excellent condition, so there is no way to maintain or guarantee the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of CNC cutting Only the rich cutting experience and cutting process to write CNC system, workers use automatic cutting mode, excluding the nuisance of human factors, can guarantee the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of CNC cutting machine.

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