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The Advantages Of CNC Cutting Machine Compared With Ordinary Cutting Machine

- Aug 07, 2017 -

CNC Cutting machine In the process of mechanical production, if a small failure of the enterprise is more annoying, and ordinary cutting machine compared to the plate cutting often using the mode of manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine cutting and CNC cutting machine. Manual cutting is convenient, but the manual cutting quality is poor, large size error, material waste is large, the subsequent production workload, at the same time poor labor conditions, low production efficiency. Semiautomatic cutting machine in the profiling machine, cutting the quality of the workpiece, because of its use of cutting molds, do not use thousands of pieces, small batches and large workpiece cutting. Other kinds of semi-automatic cutting machine Although the labor intensity is reduced, the function is simple, and it is suitable for cutting the parts with more regular shape. NC Cutting relative manual and semi-automatic cutting mode, can effectively enhance the cutting efficiency of the plate, cutting quality, reduce the labor intensity of the user. At present, some small and medium-sized enterprises in our country, even in some large enterprises using manual cutting and semi-automatic cutting mode is more extensive.

NC Flame Cutting Machine Equipment CNC system control the main beam on the trolley along the longitudinal movement, control of the car with a cut torch along the transverse movement, its horizontal, longitudinal movement into a cut torch trajectory, that is, the shape of the workpiece to be cut. At the same time, the PLC in the NC system of flame cutting realizes the valve action and timing control of the cutting gas path. In the CNC flame cutting machine system, in order to maintain the cutting head and the distance between the plate does not change, must be equipped with automatic height adjustment device. control system hardware and software components. Because the control precision, the work speed and the load requirement of the NC flame cutting machine are not very high, the stepper motor can be used in the Open-loop mode to realize the motion control. The control function of the control system is completed by the industrial control machine and the motion control card, and the motor driver of the control system can achieve the chopper constant-current subdivision drive. The motor precision is improved, and the problem of the fever with large torque driving is solved. The peripheral control circuit consists of plc and relay, and its output can control the solenoid valve and contactor coil of the gas circuit, so as to realize the timing control of the gas path.

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