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What Is A Good Laser Engraving Machine?

- Oct 07, 2017 -

What is a good laser engraving machine, the most expensive type, the cheaper one, the best brand? No, the most suitable type for your job.

Before you decide to buy the laser machine, you need ask yourself some questions as follows:

1. The material you need to engrave
2. The thickness of the material
3. The largest size of your raw material sheet

Now let Zhongke laser machine be an example for your reference:

1. What’s your materials? 
Zhongke Co2 laser machine is professional for non metal materials engraving and cutting, such as wood, acrylic, rubber, paper, leather, stone etc.

Zhongke Fiber laser machine is professional for all kinds of metal materials processing, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, iron etc.

If you need process non metal materials, you can choose a machine from CO2 serials. If your materials is metal, fiber is the best choice for yourself.

2. What’s the thickness of your materials?
Please asked yourself whether you need to cut or not when you consider the thickness of your materials.

If you only want to engrave your materials, less 30mm thickness, you needn’t add the electric up and down table of CO2 laser machine. If your thickness is more than 100mm, you need pay extra money for up and down table. (I will introduce the difference between manual and electric up and down table in my next essay, if you need)

About fiber machine, you can choose desktop type, mini type, separate type or hand type. If your metal less 150mm, the standard desktop is ok for you. If your metal big and irregular, you’d better share your metal pictures with Zhongke team. They will help you.

3. The largest size of your raw material sheet
The largest size of your materials is very important for CO2 laser machine. The majority of laser engraver are available in standard bed sizes from 300*500mm to 1600*3000mm. Your raw materials sheet depends on the size of your laser cutter.

For fiber laser marker, you need asked yourself your max marking size. It is key point for fiber machine. Most of time the size from 100*100mm to 300*300mm. Now Zhongke has a new model big size marking machine the marking area 1000*1500mm.


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