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Working Principle Of Plasma Cutting Machine

- Aug 07, 2017 -

Plasma is heated to a very high temperature and highly ionized gas, it will be the arc power transfer to the workpiece, high heat to the workpiece melting and blown off, the formation of plasma arc cutting working state.

Compressed air into the torch after the two-way distribution, that is, the formation of plasma gas and auxiliary gases. The plasma gas arc acts as a molten metal, while the auxiliary gas cools the parts of the torch and blows away the melted metal.

Cutting power includes main circuit and control circuit two parts, electrical principle: main circuit including contactor, high leakage resistance three-phase power transformer, three-phase bridge rectifier, high-frequency arc coil and protection components. The external characteristics of the power supply from high leakage resistant to steep. The control circuit completes the entire cutting process by cutting the button switch on the torch:

Pre-ventilation-main circuit power-high frequency arc-cutting process-arc-stop.

The power supply of the main circuit is controlled by the contactor, the short gas is controlled by the solenoid valve, the high frequency oscillator is controlled by the control circuit, and the high frequency is stopped after the arc is established.

In addition, the control circuit has the following internal locking function: Thermal control switch action, stop work.

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