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Plasma Cutting Machine

A plasma cutting machine is a machine that processes metal materials by means of plasma cutting technology. It utilizes the heat of a high temperature plasma arc to melt a portion or portion of the metal at the workpiece cut and to remove the molten metal by high velocity plasma to form a slit.
The plasma cutting machine cuts all metal sheets for fast cutting speed and high efficiency. Moreover, the dust removal device can absorb the noise generated during cutting, dust and reduce the pollution of harmful gases and arcs, thereby effectively improving the working environment. The cutting quality of plasma cutting is close to the laser cutting level, and its use range is very wide.
Plasma cutting machine with different working gas can cut a variety of oxygen cutting difficult to cut metal, especially for non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel) cutting effect is better. ZHONGKE is one of the most professional plasma cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. We warmly welcome you to buy the best quality plasma cutting machine for sale from our factory. Please feel free to check price with us!
1. The control system uses U disk to exchange processing files, which is convenient and quick to operate.
2. The cutting speed is fast, the cutting surface is smooth, the thermal deformation is small, and there is almost no heat affected zone.
3. The frame is fully welded and sturdy, easy to operate and durable.
4. On the basis of the traditional numerical control system, the control method for cutting is improved, and the secondary dressing processing is avoided.
5. Suitable for low carbon steel, copper, iron, aluminum, galvanized, titanium and other metal plates.
6. The numerical control system has high configuration, automatic arc striking, stable performance, and the success rate of arc striking is very high.
7. Supports standard G code path files generated by software such as Wentai, ARTCAM, and Type3.
Plasma cutting machines are widely used in automobiles, locomotives, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general machinery, engineering machinery, steel structures and other industries.