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Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine

The plasma pipe cutting machine is controlled by PLC computer, with good cutting quality, high efficiency, energy saving, no noise and no pollution, especially suitable for mass production. Compared to other cutting machines, it consumes less power and wears less, requiring virtually no maintenance. As a high-efficiency, energy-saving cutting equipment, this plasma pipe cutting machine is suitable for precision cutting and cutting of various thicknesses of carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal sheets, improving the utilization rate of the board, saving time and materials.
Plasma pipe cutting machine We have developed CNC equipment for cutting metal sheets and pipes. This machine can cut any flat metal pattern of various metal materials, and can cut the round tube. ZHONGKE is one of the most professional plasma pipe cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. We warmly welcome you to buy the best quality plasma pipe cutting machine for sale from our factory. Please feel free to check price with us!
1. Mechatronics saves a lot of labor and reduces production costs.
2. The aluminum alloy structure is adopted, and the lifting and lifting is lifted by a ball screw.
3. The advanced control system has superior stability and anti-interference ability.
4. The drive rack and gear are customized by professional manufacturers, and the surface is carburized and quenched with high precision.
5. The horizontal and vertical transmissions adopt high-precision, high-torque, low backlash, maintenance-free planetary gear reducers.
6. The servo drive or stepping drive makes the whole machine run more smoothly, the speed shift range is wider, and the acceleration time is shorter.
7. Gantry box beam, good bearing capacity, suitable for wide span, high efficiency bilateral drive, compact structure, overall tempering, fully eliminate welding stress, stable and reliable performance.
8. The horizontal guide rail adopts linear guide rail with high precision and good guidance; the longitudinal guide rail adopts special steel rail, and the surface is ground and processed, which has high mechanical precision and wear resistance.
9. Plasma pipe cutting machines are available to meet the needs of different metal materials.
Because it has the characteristics of high automation, high precision, fast cutting speed, good cutting effect and low cost, it is widely used in shipbuilding, engineering machinery, mining machinery, pressure vessels, electric power, bridge construction and other industries.