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Steel Sheet 2040 Model Plasma CNC Cutting Machine

This is big size 2040 model plasma cutting machine, with bigger working area, can cut big size steel sheet, etc metal

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Product Details

FEATURES:Detailed product description:


1,The plasma cutting machine is all welded as seamless steel structure. Steady structure and long life time


2. High configuration, high cutting speed and precision.


3., Auto ARC starting. Steady performance.


4, Control system:STARFIRE control, with USB interface


5. Cutting material: steel, copper, iron, aluminum, galvanized sheet, titanium plates, and so on.


6. File format: G-code


7, plasma cutting machine is Suitable Software :ARTCUT, Type3, ArtCAM. FASTCAM ,Beihang Haier.



Applications for  g code cnc plasma cutting machine :

can be used in a dvertising industry: advertising signs, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, a variety of materials, decorative products, production of advertising

can be used in metal industry: for steel, copper, iron, aluminum, galvanized plate, titanium plate and other metal sheet cutting, cutting depth: 1-5mm

Features for g code cnc plasma cutting machine :

1)  adopt bench-gantry structure, welding after the vibration aging treatment to eliminate stress, so that in the long-term use of no deformation

2)All mechanical drive system using rolling bearings and precision machining accuracy as 6 GB of precision gears mesh with the rack

3)Planetary reduce drive system, its input and output error of only 16 arc minutes, at the same time, in the horizontal and vertical structure of the gear drive, an increase of automatic clearance compensation device so that it can accurately drive the structure of the implementation of the directives issued by the CNC.

4) Take the initiative to end beam: vertical track for the introduction of automatic clamping device-oriented structure and there is no eccentric clamping structure, relying on automatic detachable power-oriented structure to make it two. In the track combined with the smooth running of the department will not have a wheel clamp tight or lax-phenomenon

  cnc g code cnc plasma cutting machine Specification: 

Working  material

Iron, Steel, Aluminum sheets, Galvanized sheets, Titanium Plates 

Working  Thickness


Cutting Speed


Plasma Current


Connecting Way


Control system

STARFIRE control system with THC

Rail guide 


Transmit way 

Taiwan imported ball screw

Optional power source

America Hypertherm or China LGK plasma power

Spare parts 

Electrode ,Electricity nozzle 


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