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Metal CNC Router

The appearance of metal CNC router meets the needs of large-scale production, and the operation interface is also more concise. It can be used for cutting, 2D engraving or 3D engraving on a variety of metal surfaces. The metal CNC router has the advantages of powerful function and multi-purpose, whether it is making bronze, stainless steel, titanium gold, aluminum and other metal surface lettering, engraving and art graphic crafts, etc., can be easily handled.
Equipped with a simple operating system, it can meet the needs of large-scale production. ZHONGKE is one of the most professional metal cnc router manufacturers and suppliers in China. We warmly welcome you to buy the best quality metal cnc router for sale from our factory. Please feel free to check price with us!
1. Adopts thickened high carbon steel, artificial aging bed body, high bearing capacity, firm and non-vibrating, no deformation and good rigidity.
2. After large-scale CNC machining center finishing, equipped with imported guide rails and screw rods to ensure accuracy. 3. Precision electric spindle, four bearings, wear-resistant, durable, strong distance, strong cutting, high frequency, long life.
4. Adopts Taiwan original silver square guide rail, three-axis full screw rod, and adopts Taiwan imported TBI screw rod, which is wear-resistant and has high precision.
5. The triaxial belt has a dust cover to effectively protect the dust and ensure the long-term stability of the transmission parts. It can pause, increase or decrease speed, adjust depth at any time, and preview the plane and perspective of the engraving path.
6. The stepless speed regulation is convenient for engraving different materials and is suitable for different industries.
7. Convenient broken knife processing, any point engraving, no need to re-type or return to the original point.
8. Metal CNC router is easy to operate, easy to master, and supports typesetting software such as Wentai and TYPE3.
9. Compatible with a variety of CAD/CAM software such as type3/artcam/ JDPaint/proe/UG.
This metal CNC router is suitable for metal formwork, watch parts, positioning and punching, shoe mold making, auto parts processing, electronic parts processing, glasses accessories engraving, hardware processing and related industries, as well as jade, glass, ceramic tile and other materials.