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Stone CNC Router

Stone CNC router adopts imported linear square rail guide and double-row four-wire slider. It runs smoothly, accurately, with heavy load and long service life. Stone CNC router is suitable for engraving and cutting of sandstone, glass, stone carving, etc. Excellent design and carefully selected electric accessories make the machine quite stable, and the equipped water tank and automatic water supply cooling system can effectively protect the stone CNC router when processing all kinds of stone.
This stone CNC router adopts seamless welding of steel plates, high strength, good rigidity, simple operation and humanized design, which can greatly improve work efficiency. ZHONGKE is one of the most professional stone cnc router manufacturers and suppliers in China. We warmly welcome you to buy the best quality stone cnc router for sale from our factory. Please feel free to check price with us!
1. Two-way tool cooling system to improve tool life.
2. Using a unique intelligent budget method, the potential is fully utilized to achieve high-speed machining and simultaneous output.
3. U disk embedded full offline control system, directly read U disk files, work completely offline, does not occupy computer resources.
4. Stone CNC routeradopts CNC digital control, has breakpoint memory function, and has the function of breakpoint cutting and sculpt, which can be engraved at any position.
5. It adopts imported Taiwan linear square guide rails, double row and four rows of sliders, large bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision, long service life and accurate undercutting.
6. The whole stone CNC router adopts steel structure for seamless welding, good rigidity and no deformation, and the work surface is backed by steel plate, which has high strength and rigidity, and the machine bearing capacity can reach more than two tons.
7. The constant power spindle motor has high cutting force and high efficiency, and is equipped with dustproof function to protect the slide rail slider.
8. Software compatibility, compatible with a variety of CAD / CAM design software such as Typ3 / Artcam / Castmate / Wentai.
1. Applicable industry:
◆Applicable to stone industry, stone tablet processing industry, art relief, decoration and decoration industry, ceramic industry, etc.
2. Applicable materials:
◆ Marble, granite, jade, bluestone, black stone and other stone materials, as well as ceramics, glass, bamboo and other materials.
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